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Kuboso Memorial Museum of Arts,Izumi

Kuboso Memorial Museum of Arts, Izumi is a municipal museum of Izumi City located in southern part of Osaka. In 1982 it was established and donated to the city of Izumi aiming at the cultural promotion in the local community by the Kubo family and Kuboso Corporation, which had been engaged in cotton textile manufacturing business since 19th century in this district, together with art objects, the museum buildings, the land, and the fund to run the museum.

With donations by some private collectors, we now house some 11,000 art works including 2 National Treasures and 28 Important Cultural Properties. Since the opening of the museum, we have been having exhibitions and making researches on ancient oriental art specializing mainly in China and Japan.

Kuboso Memorial Museum's collections and serene setting are woven together to create an educational and cultural institution where people can enjoy encountering great works of art. You can also spend a fulfilled day at our cultural facilities, such as the Music Hall(Ei Hall), the Gallery, the Studio(where they have creative classes of ceramics, paintings, textile dyeing, and etc.),the Japanese garden and the Tea House. We hope you would feel brimful of culture and would spend pleasant time at our museum.
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