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Kuboso Memorial Museum of Arts,Izumi

  • Senboku Kōsoku Line
    At "Izumi-chūō" station, from Nankai bus stop (1)and (3)take either (1)bus bound for "Harukigawa" or "Wakakashi" or (3)bus bound for "Matsuo-ji" or "Bijutsukan-mae". (approximately 10-minute ride)
  • JR Hanwa Line
    From "Izumi-fuchū" station, walk 5 minutes to "Izumi-fuchū shako-mae(1)"bus stop, and take Nankai bus bound for "Harukigawa" or "Wakakashi" for about 35 minutes.
  • Nankai Main Line (Nankai-Honsen)
    At "Izumi-Ōtsu" station from Nankai bus stop(2) take a bus bound for "Harukigawa" or "Wakakashi" for approximately 50 minutes.
For all the buses, please get off at "Bijutsukan-mae".
  • From "Kishiwada-Izumi" exit of Hanwa Expressway (Hanwa Jidōsha-dō), 3-minute drive to north-east.
  • Parking is available.
Air planes
  • From Kansai International Airport, 1-hour drive by taxi.
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