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Ceramic Ware from the East—Japan, China, and Other Asian Countries

Mianpen, white glazed porcelain, Northern Song Dynasty

Regular Exhibition

Ceramic Ware from the East—Japan, China, and Other Asian Countries

December 19 (Sat.) – 25 (Fri.), 2020 & January 5 (Tue.) – 31 (Sun.), 2021 (30 days)

In this exhibition, we display approximately 80 items of different ages from our collection mainly from Japan and China, with additional works from the Korean Peninsula and Southeast and West Asia. The Japanese items include works from ancient kilns of medieval times, such as Bizen, and early-modern examples such as Raku tea bowls. Chinese items cover those from ancient earthenware to early-modern vessels with colorful paintings. Enjoy the intriguing variety of shapes, glazes, and designs of the selected exhibits.

*Guided tours are scheduled to be held four times during the exhibition period.

Flower vase of ryuko (standing hourglass-shaped hand drum) shape, known as “Tabi-makura”, Ki (yellow) seto type (Important cultural property), Momoyama period
Teabowl, Karatsuware, known as “Sampo” (Three treasures) (Important cultural property), Momoyama period
Celadon vase with phoenix handles, known as “Bansei” (National Treasure), Southern Song Dynasty
Tea bowl, Kohiki type, Yi Dynasty
Iron-painted jar with lid with Baoxiang-hua scroll (hōsōge) design, Thailand, 15–16th Century
Painted pottery jar with beak-like spout, Iran, 10th Century B.C.


Opening Hours 10:00 am-5:00 pm (Last admission: 4:30 pm)